About The Human Body Garage

It seems to me that in the last half decade or so there has been an explosion of new programs on cable that tell the story of taking an old classic barn find vehicle and restoring it into show quality. This blog is me riffing on that same theme but instead of and rusty old car its my body.

A summary of what I’m doing as far as diet:

My thinking is basically Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Paleo & Eat Real Food.

  • Veggies are OK
  • All meat is OK
  • Eggs are OK
  • Nuts are OK
  • Dairy is OK in moderation
  • Fruit is OK in real moderation
  • NO grains (including corn)
  • NO legumes (including peanuts & soy)
  • NO processed food
  • NO sugar, fructose, corn syrup or any of its other camouflage disguised forms

My Training Fitness Regime

I am trying wean myself off of Chronic Cardio and moving towards a program of

  1. 1. Low and long, such as hiking or riding a bike easy. Hiking/walking is truly the best, especially if you can find places to do it barefoot.
  2. Very Intense and short, High Intensity Interval Training HIIT. These are activities like shorter 1 mile bike rides that contain maybe 2 or three all out HIIT sprints of 2 minutes or so.

My “Top Shelf” Blogs: