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Why Running Helps Clear Your Mind — Science of Us

How Neuroscientists Explain the Mind-Clearing Magic of Running

It is something of a cliché among runners, how the activity never fails to clear your head. Does some creative block have you feeling stuck? Go for a run. Are you deliberating between one of two potentially life-altering decisions? Go for a run. Are you feeling mildly mad, sad, or even just vaguely meh?

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Doctors finally admit drugs can’t fix most cases of back pain – Vox

Doctors finally admit drugs can’t fix most cases of back pain

The American College of Physicians now recommends heat therapy and yoga ahead of pain meds for lower back pain.

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Do “weekend warriors” reap the full benefits of exercise? – CBS News

Do “weekend warriors” reap the full benefits of exercise?

Weekend warriors, take a victory lap. People who pack their workouts into one or two sessions a week lower their risk of dying over roughly the next decade nearly as much as people who exercise more often, new research suggests. Even people who get less exercise than recommended have less risk than folks who don’t break a sweat at all.

The JAMA Internal Medicine article…

Association of Leisure Time Physical Activity With Risk for Mortality

Question What are the associations of physical activity patterns with mortality? Findings This pooled analysis of population-based surveys included 63 591 adult respondents.

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[Video] ‘Gym Wildlife’ Parody Is Painfully Accurate

The ‘Gym Wildlife’ Parody Trolls Everyone Who’s Ever Set Foot In A Gym

Subscribe to UPROXX This testosterone-filled gem from the BDC (the Buff Dudes Channel) stands as an accurate parody of gym culture. In fact, for anyone who’s set foot in a gym, the faux-documentary is painfully perceptive. From the opening lines – “The Gym.

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The Exercise Myth | James Fell Body For Wife

“For years I’ve extolled the virtues of exercise as a way to control your eating behaviors and sculpt your physique into something that looks great and performs amazing feats. And I have been wrong.” — James Fell

The Exercise Myth

Even though I smelled bad enough to knock a buzzard off a gut pile, the people in the medical tent of the 2013 Victoria Marathon were kind and caring. One paramedic even let me use his cell to make a long-distance call to my wife, who was watching via Internet…

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This Man Stretched 10 Minutes a Day For a Month. Here’s What Happened. | Bicycling

This Man Stretched 10 Minutes a Day For a Month. Here’s What Happened.

Like most guys, I hated stretching. Why waste time sitting around when I could cram in more lifting? It hurt to learn that I was wrong-throbbed like hell, actually. I hurt my hip doing a leg workout and going running the same day, and had to shut down.

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Exercise Is ADHD Medication – The Atlantic

To heck with this helping kids (just kidding) I hope this can help me.

Exercise Is ADHD Medication

Mental exercises to build (or rebuild)attention span have shown promise recently as adjuncts or alternatives to amphetamines in addressing symptoms common to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Building cognitive control, to be better able to focus on just one thing, or single-task, might involve regular practice with a specialized video game that reinforces “top-down” cognitive modulation, as was the case in a popular paper in Nature last year.

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The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight | Vox

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Specialized Bicycles just released the all-new Roubaix and Ruby

Specialized Bicycles just released the all-new Roubaix and Ruby. Read more about the amazing details here:

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Losing weight in 10 easy steps – and why you shouldn’t do an Ironman | Mountain Bike Trailer Park

Mountain Bike Trailer Park: Losing weight in 10 easy steps – and why you shouldn’t do an Ironman

I recently posted a huge personal victory on FaceBook. Specifically, I posted that I had officially reached 100 pounds of weight loss. This post got a lot of likes. In fact, more than any post I have ever done. Apparently, I touched a nerve. Since then, I also completed my first half Ironman race.

Things I’ll take away from this fellows experience:

  • “…For cardio, I do short, high intensity workouts a couple times a week. This builds speed and really ramps up the calorie burn. And, a couple times a week I do longer, slower cardio workouts. This helps endurance and is generally more fun than high intensity work. “
  • “…To stay motivated (and this is the hardest part), I enter races and events.” [Twenty years ago that was a big motivator for me. Time to resurrect it. The BHAG.]
  • “…What do you like? Swimming? Hiking? Bird-watching? Look for events that are enjoyable to you. Then register and pay for them. Put them on your calendar. Now you’ve got a reason to train and you have skin in the game.”
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