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The Jillian Michaels Story | Body for Wife

I have never been a fan of Jillian Michaels motivational style. In fact I think it really really sucks but I really lost respect for here when she started selling Jillian Michaels diet pills that couldn’t and didn’t measure up to the claims she was making about them (Update: Jillian Michaels Faces Third Lawsuit Over Her Fat-Burning Pills – Nutrition Unplugged).

And now I’ll stand with James Fells criticisms of her until I hear or learn otherwise…

The Jillian Michaels Story

I feel a disturbance in the balance of the force. As I write this, Jillian Michaels is a mere three miles from my house. She is at the local GoodLife Fitness teaching her new class called BODYSHRED (Trademark symbol, hashtag awesome, hashtag whatever). My wife made me promise not to…

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The sickening business of wellness | The Outline

Yvette d’Entremont is known as and writes as Scibabe on Facebook.

Wellness is a scam

The term “wellness” – which seems to encompass everything from yoga to detox teas to crystals – is very hot right now. Earlier this year, New York magazine dedicated an entire, incredulous month to figuring out what wellness was, producing such articles as ” How Algae Went From Horse Food to Wellness Trend” and ” The Real Housewives Guide to Wellness” (Lisa Vanderpump regularly goes to the cryotherapy tank).

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Gluten free diet: The science (CBC Marketplace)

As part of my never ending war against bullshit and pseudoscience (How many people do you know who have a psychosomatic allergy to gluten?) here is a good overview look at the nonsense in the anti-gluten craze.

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A large scientific review study shows that curcumin in turmeric has no medicinal properties — Quartz

If you like the floor turmeric imparts on the food you cook use. If your reasoning is its supposed health benefits your thinking is in error.

Forget what you’ve heard: Turmeric seems to have zero medicinal properties

Turmeric has done the full circle: from ancient remedy to hipster Western drink. Even today, Indians readily apply it on fresh wounds, chicken-pox scabs, and insect bites. Medical professionals prescribe it for urological diseases, worm infections, and even cancer. Such has been the hype that the yellow-golden spice is widely touted as a validation of traditional medicine….

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Meet the scientist debunking dumb food myths

Meet the scientist debunking dumb food myths

Every health blogger has an opinion on vaccination, GMOs and the latest food scare. Take Vani Hari, a.k.a. Food Babe, a management consultant turned popular food industry critic who’s been called the ” Jenny McCarthy of Food.”

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Products that promise “detox” are a sham. Yes, all of them. – Vox

Products that promise “detox” are a sham. Yes, all of them.

The idea can be traced all the way back to the Garden of Eden: Almost as soon as we were created, we ate a toxic apple. Since then, perhaps to atone for this original sin, many of us have fallen prey to the idea that we are full of nasty, usually nebulously defined toxins in our bodies and we need to get rid of them to be purer, cleaner, and lighter.

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From medical treatment to diet and lifestyle choice: how to spot unreliable health research | The Conversation

From medical treatment to diet and lifestyle choice: how to spot unreliable health research

One day we’re told that coffee causes cancer, the next that it protects us from it. Does this sound familiar? We’re all bombarded by confusing and contradictory health information every day – supposedly based on scientific evidence. But most of us have a difficult time assessing the quality of this evidence, particularly if it’s online.

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Fuck Dark Chocolate | Body for Wife

Fuck Dark Chocolate

Fuck dark chocolate. For about a decade the sales of dark chocolate have been soaring, regardless of the fact that it tastes like someone melted down a bunch of brown crayons then let them solidify into bar form. Why the boost? A senior VP from Hershey said in 2006 of…

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Why Your Guru Is Bullsh*t – DeadState

Why Your Guru Is Bullsh*t

Why your Guru is Bullsh*t Namaste, motherf*ckers! You’ve finally found enlightenment, taken up yoga, and maybe even kicked that nasty sugar-coated gluten habit. And it was all with the help of your new guru that you found in the bowels of the internet who’s self taught in the keys to the life, the universe, and […]

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Top 5 food myths that need to go away – Canadian Living

Top 5 food myths that need to go away

Fearless food scientist and bloggerYvette d’Entremont, aka SciBabe, is calling out the top five food myths circulating the Internet right now. Low fat, low carb, Paleo, vegan, fat-free, GMO-free, gluten-free-so-called “healthy” food trends are everywhere, and unless you have a background in nutrition or food science, it can feel impossible to know which tropes to follow.

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