Losing weight in 10 easy steps – and why you shouldn't do an Ironman

I recently posted a huge personal victory on FaceBook. Specifically, I posted that I had officially reached 100 pounds of weight loss. This post got a lot of likes. In fact, more than any post I have ever done. Apparently, I touched a nerve. Since then, I also completed my first half Ironman race.

Things I’ll take away from this fellows experience:

  • “…For cardio, I do short, high intensity workouts a couple times a week. This builds speed and really ramps up the calorie burn. And, a couple times a week I do longer, slower cardio workouts. This helps endurance and is generally more fun than high intensity work. “
  • “…To stay motivated (and this is the hardest part), I enter races and events.” [Twenty years ago that was a big motivator for me. Time to resurrect it. The BHAG.]
  • “…What do you like? Swimming? Hiking? Bird-watching? Look for events that are enjoyable to you. Then register and pay for them. Put them on your calendar. Now you’ve got a reason to train and you have skin in the game.”