The scientific reasoning for the Paleo diet just isn’t there. The “science” the advocates claim just doesn’t hold up to real scrutiny. It’s bullshit in that regard. That said I think if using a “Paleo diet form of thinking“, using it as a metaphor, helps a person achieve a lower caloric intake either by unconsciously adopting a more HFLC type of diet or just eating less (lowering calories in in relationship to calories out) then it can possibly be worked and the cases that are thrown out as anecdotal examples or testimonials that is the real reason it worked, not the bullshit of “Paleo science.”

Paleo is the Scientology of Diets

I was close to landing a fitness interview with Tom Cruise, but then he bailed. And so I am now free to say that Scientology is stupid. People make fun of the space alien aspect of it, but did you know that one of their beliefs is “silent birth?” A.K.A.