From Dana Carpenter’s blog: The Coolest Book I’ve Read In a Long Time

“…The jist is this: The ability to put on fat, and the mechanisms that allow that, are not pathological, but evolutionary survival mechanisms. Animals of every variety have the ability to store fat, and most gain fat, often tremendous quantities of fat, only to simply stop eating and live off that fat comfortably. Further, they often perform prodigious physical feats while fasting, like migrating thousands of miles.

fat-switchIt is, Dr. Johnson says, as if animals have an internal switch that they flip from “fat gaining” to “fat burning.” The question then becomes why so many of us seem to have switches that are jammed in the “on” position? The answer to that question is fascinating — spoiler: it involves fructose. Further, Dr. Johnson holds out real hope for a cure for the broken fat switch.

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This fellow she is writing about Dr. Richard Johnson has written an ebook The Fat Switch The Fat Switch which I think I’ll be reading real soon.