The Battle of the Diets: Is Anyone Winning (At Losing?) – YouTube

Uploaded on May 22, 2008

January 17, 2008 presentation by Christopher Gardner for the Stanford School of Medicine Medcast lecture series.

The case for low-carbohydrate diets is gaining weight. Christopher Gardner, PhD, assistant professor of medicine at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, has completed the largest and longest-ever comparison of four popular diets using real-world conditions, which he discusses – the lowest-carbohydrate Atkins diet came out on top.

For some more information regarding Christopher Gardner the one time/ long time vegetarian and nutritionist who gave this lecture (and the study and lecture itself too):


Atkins vs China Study Diet. Who Won? You Decide – YouTube

Published on Apr 20, 2013

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., wrote “The China Study” in 2005. A professor emeritus at Cornell University, Campbell was the director of the China-Oxford-Cornell study on diet and disease in the 1980s. The book chronicles his findings about diet and health from his career in basic science. While not calling himself a vegetarian or vegan, Campbell supports a whole-food, plant-based, low protein/low fat diet.

Eric Westman, M.D., has conducted clinical trials regarding the Atkins diet, made famous by Robert Atkins in 1972. The Atkins diet, sometimes called the antithesis of the China Study, suggests that lower consumption of carbohydrate and higher consumption of fat leads to better cardiovascular health. Westman is a physician specializing in obesity medicine and associate professor of internal medicine at Duke University.

The two squared off at a public debate on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) on Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

Listening to the presentations I though Dr. Campbell’s presentation was rife with logical fallacies and at time he very conveniently left out information that didn’t or wouldn’t support his position (cherry picking).

For some more information regarding the Low Carb v. China Study debate and this debate in particular: