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    Shopping low carb – at least the way that I do it, can be a pain in the ass. The reasons for this are:

    • The conventional supermarket has the most variety and the best prices generally, but the specific items I’m looking for are either unavailable or at a higher price
    • The specialty markets (ie: Whole Foods) have more of the items I am looking for and the prices are comparable or better than they would be at the conventional supermarket – the problems is that the rest of their stuff is immorally overpriced
    • The ‘value specialty markets’ (ie: Trader Joe’s) provide an eclectic selection that ranges from treasures to junk
    • Some things are only available mail order – or only economical mail order

    What this means is that I have become used to buying food at 5 different stores.

    A pain in the ass – see what I mean?

    Let’s take a tour. (read the complete article…)

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